Dos ferias en una semana! (Danielle)

feria1I was lucky enough to experience not just one- but two- ferias during my first week in Spain! I was able to attend the Feria de Cordoba and the Feria Chica de Villanueva! Both of these ferias were so much fun and I can’t choose between the two. I had an exciting time dancing, eating, and drinking in the casetas. To say that my first week here was amazing is an understatement!

There is so much I can say about my week at the Ferias, but I am going to give you two of my favorite highlights from both Ferias.

 Highlight #1: The Casetas


Anyone who knows me knows that I like to eat! In the Casetas, I was able to stuff my face with tapas. We had flamenquin, croquetas, calamari, montado de lomo, pinchitos, and so many more delicious foods!  I was extremely full and extremely happy.


Highlight #2: Sevillanas y Traje de Gitana!

feria3The Sevillanas was everywhere! Young and old would gather together to dance and have a great time! I even learned a few steps in the process (I don’t think I did such a great job, but it was fun learning nevertheless.)

The women looked beautiful in their Trajes de Gitanas! I saw a variety of styles, colors, lengths, and patterns- all unique and all fabulous on the women.

I felt so honored and grateful to partake in this amazing tradition


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  1. Julian

    Hi Danielle, i am estudent of Lucy´s Academy, my english is very short. Here in Andalucia there is a phrase that says: ” everyone has the second passes it fair”. You will have a good time. Goodbye.


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