A Day in Vva with Jess and Dani

This weekend, Jess and I explored this beautiful town of Villanueva, our home for the summer! We ate, shopped, did some sightseeing and finally visited the countryside!!! Prepare yourself for a fun-filled recap of one of the best weekends we’ve had so far!

Here are our highlights:

Highlight #1: Breakfast at the restaurant La Puerta Falsa

vva1We started our day with a delicious breakfast. As usual Dani and I asked for the same thing (ham and cheese on toasted French bread and coffee with milk [café con leche]). This is one of my (Jess) favorite restaurants in Vva. because of the rustic feel, the beautiful open spaces and the various rooms where you can eat, drink with friends and throw parties.

This place is also special to me because it was the first restaurant I went to in Vva. and I still remember drinking my first tinto de verano, eating tapas and listening to a group of friends playing the guitar and singing flamenco. I plan to come back here many times with friends before I leave.


Highlight #2: Mercadillo

After our visit to The Mercadillo, I (Dani) can honestly say that it is the place to go to when you want to stay fashionable- without emptying your pockets! Jess and I had such a great time walking down the long street. Jess tried on several dresses and they were all lovely! I was able to find a pair of printed pants and a pair of heels that I fell in love with at first sight!vva3

When the sun is blazing outside, what better way to cool off then a water fight? Jess and I could not resist the temptation of splashing each other with water. (Between you and I, I think I won that water fight, but Jess might argue otherwise.)

I really enjoyed my time at the Mercadillo. I would definitely be returning another Saturday to shop again. I just hope there is room in my luggage for all the stuff I plan to buy!

Highlight #3: The Jewels of Vva.


During our walk throughout the town we stopped to take many pictures of the beautiful buildings, patios and playgrounds!

vva5 vva6

Highlight # 4: The Countryside (El campo)


We spent the afternoon in the countryside where we ate paella, tortilla de patata, jamon and other meats, practiced our Spanish and made new friends.

vva9 After, we went with our new friends to explore the countryside.  We saw pigs, young and old, took pictures of “the dehesa” and joked around.  The scenery evoked a sense of peace and tranquility.

We hope to go back soon!





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