Weekend in Málaga – Jess



During my trip in Malaga I did several things. I went sightseeing and I went to a church event where I met wonderful new people.

In my church, the Christian Congregation of Spain, we had a youth meeting. Youth (young people) from many regions of Spain got together to go to church and go sightseeing. I met many new people and we became fast friends!

malaga2 I got to visit the Port, a Cathedral, the Alcazaba, Picasso’s house, the Castle and many other places. My favorite place was the Castle ❤

malaga3When I arrived on Friday I went with my new friends to the Port. We walked by the water and took some beautiful pictures. I loved the tropical trees and watching the boats sail by on the water.

malaga4On Monday I went out with friends to see the city. One of the places I saw was the cathedral. It was gorgeous inside. There were statues of saints and the architecture was impressive. Everyone was very quiet and I felt like I was stepping back in history.

malaga5Monday afternoon we toured the Alcazaba and the Castle. I exercised a lot! We walked up a lot of stairs and I loved the old stones and the symmetrical gardens. It was also interesting to learn about the history of the wars in Malaga and how the people protected themselves from intruders and enemies.

The Castle was my favorite part of the day. We walked up a hill for over 30 minutes. I was very tired but it was worth it. We saw beautiful views of the city and also walked around the whole perimeter of the castle. I hope I can go back one day.

On to the next adventure! XO




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