The Habits They Are A-Changin’ – Jill

Ever since arriving in this beautiful country my habits have changed. For example, in the states I am a “pescatarian” which means I do not eat meat except for fish/seafood (hence the “pesca” root word). But after seeing the famous meat of this region, and realizing that cuisine is an integral part of a culture, I gave in and began to eat meat. Chicken, pork, etc. are now nourishing me every day. My favorite meat has to be the jamon serrano. Seriously, we have a natural connection. It makes me feel alive.
Another change I’m noticing is my aversion to sunlight. Being naturally pale because of my Irish heritage, in addition to my lack of tanned skin (I live in a colder part of New England that does not receive as much sunlight), has made me terrified of burning here. When I went to the beach in Malaga I spent a lot of hours reading underneath a beach umbrella, and when I walk to work I jump from shadow to shadow. I’ve memorized what sides of the street to walk on at different times of day, when the sun is in different positions. When I am in the sun, I automatically feel the burn begin and I rush to the next shadow.
My schedule has changed too. In the United States we do not stay out as late during the summer, but here in Villanueva everyone goes out later in the night for a drink or snails. It now feels more normal to be outside when it is 10 PM- 1 AM. In comparison to my American schedule, I find myself becoming a creature of the night!
So, after thinking about the my changed habits, I can only come to one conclusion. I am actually becoming a vampire.
Jill as a Vampire

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