Weekend at Belalcázar – Lissette

During my last weekend, I was able to visit Belalcázar. Belalcázar is another town in the province of Cordoba and approximately 50 minutes west of Villanueva. Just like Villanueva, this city was also surrounded by countryside. The first thing that stood out to me was the castle. One of the wonders of Spain is that there are cathedrals and castles throughout many areas that let you see the history of Spain. However, the castle was under construction and we weren’t allowed to enter it. I was also able to visit the Convento de Santa Clara. It was fascinating to see how the designs and paintings were still well preserved. There was also a Roman bridge just like in Cordoba. In other words, just like most towns and cities you can see the Roman influence through the architecture as well as the bridges. The food was delicious too! Since most families have livestock, they usually have really fresh meat. For example, their ham and salchichón is delicious because they make it starting with killing a pig that they’ve raised. The bread and cheese are also very good. These towns tend to have really good food because it isn’t processed and it is all made from scratch. It was interesting to see that most of the habitants of the town were older people. This is due to the fact that most young people leave the towns and go study in the nearest cities. Ultimately, it was a charming town with amazing scenery.



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