Time to Hit the Gym! – Catherine

So today was my fourth day at the Centro Deportivo Andalucia and I can’t move. When signing up for a gym membership, my intention was to continue with the same lazy routine I’ve always done. This lazy routine involved me running for 20 minutes on the treadmill, stretching for another 20 minutes, flopping around for another 10 minutes in the hopes that some muscle was getting a good workout, and then calling it a day. But as I was running on the treadmill during my first visit, I was approached by the trainer. She greeted me and wanted to know which parts of my body I wanted to workout. I figured, since she asked that I might as well offer my whole body up for improvement. I was thinking that since I’m only here for 2 months, there is no way that the workouts could escalate to an unbearable degree.

Wrong! That day we started working out my legs. When those fell off, my arms were the next to go. Personally, I think that each weight machine should have it’s own separate room. That way, those of us who can only lift 1 kg on each arm can struggle in private. But just like how your body deteriorates before getting stronger, so does your ego. The best part of every workout is the stretch that comes at the end. It’s the part of the workout where you can take the time to replay everything that you have just done in your memory without physically feeling the physical pain.

But in all honesty, the Centro Deportivo Andalucia is a great place. I love how much I’m learning about proper exercise and weight training. Sure it’s difficult, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting stronger. The people are really nice, there’s a cute dog that excitedly prances throughout the gym to say ‘hello’ to everyone, and I’m super lucky to have Raul, Alba and Luna to help me figure out the equipment. I’m glad that I’m being taught how to use the weight machines, that way when I go back home, I can workout like a pro. Or at least better than I did before.

Until next time!


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