Trip to Salamanca – Libby

The past few weeks since my last post have been very good! I have really enjoyed getting to know the students and learning about their interests. It also was nice to meet Janine, the other intern, who arrived last week. I have been able to visit a town in Spain that was the first place I went to on my study abroad program’s orientation tour, Salamanca.

Salamanca was beautiful. My friend from high school is studying there and it was great to see her. I climbed the cathedral tower and saw the Art Deco museum. The view from the tower was gorgeous and the museum was beautiful. They had many of Francisco Goya’s etchings, which were very cool. I’ve studied his art, so it was cool to see it in person. The weather was hot there, but it seemed more humid than Villanueva. It was nice to hear about my friend’s life and her classes in Salamanca. She said that there are students around her age, but also students who are thirty or older, who want to learn Spanish. I think that is really cool.

That end of the week was an art event in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca. They projected a video onto the main arch in the plaza. The video images went with the music that they played. It was beautiful! There were so many people in the plaza and some people had glow sticks. I couldn’t find my friend for a bit because there were so many people. I didn’t know that there was an event going on. It was a cool coincidence that it was the week I came.


In terms of work, we’ve been working on quizzes for the intensive classes and making lesson plans for this coming week. We also recorded a video for our newscast, which will be used for listening practice during classes. We also decided when each person will teach class. I look forward to starting intensive classes and meeting more students!


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