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Hi everyone! The first week of teaching classes went well. The students were learning entertainment and money vocabulary. In two of my classes the students heard the song “Money, Money, Money” and answered questions about it. The B1 group C class really liked the song and were singing it the next few days of class. Two of my classes really enjoyed playing Pictionary. My two B1 classes are competitive. Later, in the B1 group C class we played “Seven Years” because we heard them singing it before. They did a writing exercise with the song, where they had to fill-in missing lyrics from the song as they listened to it. The students were very good at this activity. We also practiced giving advice with the answer using “should”.

Outside of class, I started aqua aerobics with Lucy and the other interns. It is fun so far. The first day it was cold outside because we do it at night. We started out doing Zumba and then went into the water to do a few dances. We had to sign up for the classes at the Ayuntamiento the week before. This was my first time doing aqua aerobics, but I have seen people do it before. I like the music that we exercise to.


The two weekends before I went with Catherine and Kaelan to Morocco. We went to Tangier and saw the Hercules cave. I got to hold a bird and a monkey there! It was beautiful and it was especially cool to see where the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean converge. We also saw Malabata beach, which was beautiful. We took some pictures there. I really liked the old medina or town, which had the old city walls and a pretty mosque. We also drove to a lighthouse, but we couldn’t go inside because it was closed. I tried Moroccan food. It was delicious. My favorite was the tagine chicken and beef. The chicken had olives and a really good sauce.


Last weekend, I went to Madrid with Giulia, Kaelan, Janine and Maya. There were lots of people. We met up with Emma, someone I met this summer, who is working at a hospital in Córdoba. We also met up with my friend, Maya. She and I were on the same study abroad program and she goes to my college. She is doing an internship in Madrid this summer. It was nice to see her and hear about her internship. It was fun to spend time with everyone and see a lot of couples being happy. The weather in Madrid was surprisingly not too hot, which was very nice. We walked a lot around Madrid. We saw stages for concerts in Puerta del Sol and Plaza de España.

Until next time!


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