Madrid – Kaelan

Hey everyone!
Last week was a really jam packed week! Firstly, I started my first aquaerobics class! It was interesting because you see a lot of diversity in age, but not so much in gender. I’m the only male in the class, which makes for an interesting dynamic! The most interesting part is when we get out of the class to go to the showers, I’m the only ones in the mens showers!
On Saturday, I went to Madrid. It was amazing to see so many people in one place, even if it was hard to get around! It was also great to see so many couples out holding hands, and not being afraid to show their love to the world! We went to the parade, which was a little disappointing since it was really only party buses. Because of this we left early, and instead went to eat and go out!
Sunday was what I like to call “The Aftermath” because you could see what Madrid looked like after a week of partying. I was amazed that the street was permeated with the smell of urine, which was disgusting. Furthermore, there was trash EVERYWHERE. In some places you couldn’t walk around the trash because there was no clean space to walk in. Even with this, I definitely enjoyed my time in Madrid, but was ready to come back to Villanueva at the end of the day!
Until next time!

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Villanueva & More – Janine

Hey guys,
I’ve been in Spain for a little over a week now, and I’m starting to get used to living in Villanueva and working at Academia Manhattan! Villanueva is pretty different from my hometown, Ann Arbor, and it’s been a bit of an adjustment getting used to living here. Something that’s super different is the fact that mealtimes are so much later here than in the United States. At home, I normally eat lunch around 12:00 p.m. and dinner around 6:00 p.m. Here, lunch is at 2:00 p.m. and my host family often eats dinner 11:00 p.m., which is basically my bed time! It seems to me that people in Spain never sleep. I’ve also been getting used to living with my host family. Even though we sometimes have a hard time communicating because of my minimal Spanish skills, my host family is super nice and have been feeding me some wonderful food. I am especially a fan of the Spanish tortilla! They also have a super cute little dog who loves to follow me around the house.
Walking around Villanueva with my host mom and dad is funny because they seem to know the entire town and say hi to almost everyone we pass. Something else that is also startling to me about Villanueva is how easy it is to walk everywhere. This is super different from Ann Arbor, Michigan; last summer I worked at a pool and I had to drive 20 minutes every day to get to work. Here, my host family’s house is a 5 to 10 minute walk from Academia Manhattan, which is super convenient. Something that I have found not so convenient about Villanueva is the “siesta.” I have very conflicted feelings about a town-wide nap time. One on hand, I love sleeping. Who am I to complain about being given time to sleep in the middle of the day? On the other hand, it is super annoying to me that EVERYTHING closes. It is impossible to do anything in the middle of the day, which is strange to me. In Michigan, we have a grocery store called Meijer’s, which is open 24 hours a day for 363 days a year (the store closes on Christmas and Easter).
My first full weekend here, I also went on a trip with some of the other interns, Giulia and Maya! We went to Málaga for the day to go to the beach, where I had one of the most delicious burgers I have ever eaten. In the evening, we took a bus to Granada, which I would classify as an extremely beautiful city. The streets were full of delicious tapas and the view of the Alhambra at night was stunning. We also took a tour of the Alhambra the next morning; it was amazing to see such an old piece of architecture that is still standing.
I’m looking forward to exploring Spain and working more with students in the coming weeks!

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Trip to Morocco – Kaelan

Hey everyone!

The last week was a ton of fun! We started teaching classes, and it’s been interesting getting to know the students as well as telling them about where I’m from! Last week I went out with my friends, and figured out why nobody likes Correos.

On Wednesday, I went to Morocco. I didn’t realize how far Morocco was, but it took us around 7 hours to get there! We took a ferry from Algeciras and got to stay in Tánger. Tánger is very different from Spain, and the Arabic was incredibly interesting to listen to! We went to markets, to the Atlantic Coast, as well as to the Malabata beach, which was beautiful!

The second day in Morocco we went to Ceuta. The land border at Ceuta was incredibly intense, and seemed like a prison crossing over. There were so many people! The currency is Euro versus the Moroccan Dirham, so I had to do some currency exchange while I was there.  The culture of Ceuta is very interesting, and the city is beautiful but foggy and warm!

I also went to Málaga for the first time to visit my cousin! She and her boyfriend came from London to Málaga. It was great getting to see them, relaxing on the beach with them, and just enjoying their company. I’ve never really been sunburnt, but in Málaga I definitely burned my shoulders! It’s a lesson for next time!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Trip to Salamanca – Libby

The past few weeks since my last post have been very good! I have really enjoyed getting to know the students and learning about their interests. It also was nice to meet Janine, the other intern, who arrived last week. I have been able to visit a town in Spain that was the first place I went to on my study abroad program’s orientation tour, Salamanca.

Salamanca was beautiful. My friend from high school is studying there and it was great to see her. I climbed the cathedral tower and saw the Art Deco museum. The view from the tower was gorgeous and the museum was beautiful. They had many of Francisco Goya’s etchings, which were very cool. I’ve studied his art, so it was cool to see it in person. The weather was hot there, but it seemed more humid than Villanueva. It was nice to hear about my friend’s life and her classes in Salamanca. She said that there are students around her age, but also students who are thirty or older, who want to learn Spanish. I think that is really cool.

That end of the week was an art event in the Plaza Mayor of Salamanca. They projected a video onto the main arch in the plaza. The video images went with the music that they played. It was beautiful! There were so many people in the plaza and some people had glow sticks. I couldn’t find my friend for a bit because there were so many people. I didn’t know that there was an event going on. It was a cool coincidence that it was the week I came.


In terms of work, we’ve been working on quizzes for the intensive classes and making lesson plans for this coming week. We also recorded a video for our newscast, which will be used for listening practice during classes. We also decided when each person will teach class. I look forward to starting intensive classes and meeting more students!

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My Second Week in Villanueva – Giulia

Hello everybody!  My second week in Villanueva has just begun, and things are going great!  Last weekend I participated in my first “ruta de tapas,” which is a Spanish tradition of going around the different bars and restaurants in town and ordering a “tapa” and a drink at each spot.
A “tapa” is essentially a small dish, and each place has a different specialty.  I enjoyed all of them!  My favorite drink was a tasty mixture of carbonated juice and wine that’s called a “tinto de  verano.”  Absolutely delicious!
It has been quite hot this past week in Villanueva, so unfortunately I haven’t been doing much during the day other than working and going to the gym.  The latter has been a great and productive way to pass time!  The gym is very close to my house, and I enjoy running on the treadmill and stretching.  It makes me feel better about the large amount of food that I consume every day!
A few of my friends and I went on a walk around Villanueva the other day and we saw the outskirts of the town, as well as a few horses and some goats.  Unfortunately, our walk wasn’t very long, since we made the mistake of going out at one of the hottest points in the day.  However, it was still lovely to explore more of Villanueva and gain a better sense of the town.
Work has mainly consisted of preparation for the intensive classes that begin in July.  We each need to get assigned our specific classes before we can begin to write our actual lesson plans, but we have begun to make general vocab lists and quizzes that can be applied later.  We have also made presentations about our hometowns, which we have been presenting to the different classes all week.  My presentation is obviously about Berkeley, but I added a slide about Oakland and another about San Francisco in order to give students the bigger picture of the Bay Area as a whole.  Speaking about my city has made me realize how much I truly love it; I could talk about it for hours.  There are aspects of my home that I definitely miss while being here, but I am grateful for the opportunity to experience this new culture.
Maya, Kaelen and I are spending the day in Seville tomorrow, and I’m very excited!  I’ll provide all the details in my next post, as I’m sure I’ll have a lot to talk about.  Farewell!

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Time to Hit the Gym! – Catherine

So today was my fourth day at the Centro Deportivo Andalucia and I can’t move. When signing up for a gym membership, my intention was to continue with the same lazy routine I’ve always done. This lazy routine involved me running for 20 minutes on the treadmill, stretching for another 20 minutes, flopping around for another 10 minutes in the hopes that some muscle was getting a good workout, and then calling it a day. But as I was running on the treadmill during my first visit, I was approached by the trainer. She greeted me and wanted to know which parts of my body I wanted to workout. I figured, since she asked that I might as well offer my whole body up for improvement. I was thinking that since I’m only here for 2 months, there is no way that the workouts could escalate to an unbearable degree.

Wrong! That day we started working out my legs. When those fell off, my arms were the next to go. Personally, I think that each weight machine should have it’s own separate room. That way, those of us who can only lift 1 kg on each arm can struggle in private. But just like how your body deteriorates before getting stronger, so does your ego. The best part of every workout is the stretch that comes at the end. It’s the part of the workout where you can take the time to replay everything that you have just done in your memory without physically feeling the physical pain.

But in all honesty, the Centro Deportivo Andalucia is a great place. I love how much I’m learning about proper exercise and weight training. Sure it’s difficult, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting stronger. The people are really nice, there’s a cute dog that excitedly prances throughout the gym to say ‘hello’ to everyone, and I’m super lucky to have Raul, Alba and Luna to help me figure out the equipment. I’m glad that I’m being taught how to use the weight machines, that way when I go back home, I can workout like a pro. Or at least better than I did before.

Until next time!

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Another Week in Villanueva – Kaelan

Hi everyone,

My last week in Villanueva has been a lot of fun! Apart from learning more about the area and eating lots of food from Andalucía, I’ve also been doing some exploring around Spain! On Thursday, I cooked a traditional American meal for my host family being composed of fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

On Friday, I went to Madrid with a friend who was visiting. It was an incredible amount of fun! We started off by getting food near Atocha, then went to la Plaza España and la Puerta del Sol to do some shopping! We spent a lot of time on la Calle Mayor, and I ended up buying way too many clothes. We also took to the opportunity to eat Japanese food, which I haven’t had since I left home! We were eating when I realized that I wanted to change my shirt, so I actually changed in the bathroom! It was funny.

On Saturday I went out with some friends in Villanueva to get food and explore some of the nightlife. We went out for drinks and ate tons of tapas. We went to at least 5 different restaurants! As we were eating I got to know another Irish person in Villanueva, which was nice because I got to feel a little at home.

Stay tuned for updates next week!

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Caracoles, Jamón and Tapas – Maya

Hello Villanueva de Cordoba! I am Maya, one of the students from the United States here in Spain for the Summer to teach English. I just studied abroad in Chile for the past 4 months. Chile speaks Spanish with a very different accent and uses a lot of different words, so it has been fun learning from my host family and the Academia Manhattan community. One thing that I have really enjoyed here in Spain is the different food. In the week, I have been here, I have tried gazpacho, jamón, tinto de verano, and caracoles…and I haven’t found anything I don’t like yet!

If you can’t already tell, I am a super big foodie. My favorite think about Villanueva de Cordoba thus far is the custom of tapas. Last week, the group of interns and I went out for la Ruta de Tapas. This is an annual event where each participating restaurant has a special tapa. A tapa is a small serving of food. If you went to ten restaurants and tried their special tapa, you could get entered into a raffle. I was only able to go to 5, but it was still so much fun and was a great introduction to Villanueva de Cordoba. I also had the opportunity to try tinto de verano, which I really enjoyed.

Blogpost 1 tinto

I also had the opportunity to try jamón, ham, and gazpacho with my family. Someone came over to my host family’s house to cut ham in our kitchen. It took a long time, but the ham was so good, better than any ham I have tried in the United States or in Chile. My host mom also made gazpacho for me. Since it has been so hot in Villanueva for the past week, upwards of 35 degrees Celsius, gazpacho has been a great way to cool off.

Blogpost 1 ham

My host mom and I also went out for snails (caracoles) and beer (cerveza) my first night here in Villanueva. This was a fun welcome into the town. I had never tried snails before coming to Spain, but I am always ready to try new foods although I didn’t really know what to except. At first, I had a lot of trouble sucking the snails out of the shells, but once my host mom taught me how to use a toothpick, I found them very delicious.

Blogpost 1 caracoles

This past week has been full of new experiences and I am very excited to see what other new experiences I will have this summer!

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Cursos de verano 2017

It’s summer time! Este verano contaremos con siete profesores nativos de los Estados Unidos, que estarán disponibles para ayuda extra en gramática, escritura, y conversación.  Os dejamos aquí la información sobre los cursos intensivos que ofreceremos este verano en Academia Manhattan:

Cursos Intensivos de B1, B2, o C1 – ¡matricúlate antes del 21 de junio!

  • preparación intensiva para los exámenes del ISE I, ISE II, o ISE III (Trinity College) con examen escrito el 2 de septiembre y examen oral la semana del 11 de septiembre
  • fechas: 26 de junio – 15 de septiembre, con descanso del 27 de julio hasta el 8 de agosto (10 semanas)
  • 5 horas semanales, más 3 horas de conversación extras (opcionales) por semana
  • para matricularse o para cualquier duda: rellena el formulario que se encuentra abajo, o envía un email a

Cursos Semi-Intensivos de Reading & Writing o Speaking & Listening – ¡matricúlate antes del 21 de junio!

  • ¿Ya tienes aprobada una parte del examen, o te interesa hacer solo un modulo en esta convocatoria? Apúntate a nuestros cursos semi-intensivos que irán dirigidos a los módulos Reading & Writing o Speaking & Listening de los niveles ISE I e ISE II.
  • examen escrito (Reading & Writing) el 2 de septiembre y examen oral (Speaking & Listening) la semana del 11 de septiembre
  • fechas: 26 de junio – 15 de septiembre, con descanso del 27 de julio hasta el 8 de agosto (10 semanas)
  • 3-4 horas semanales
  • para matricularse o para cualquier duda: rellena el formulario que se encuentra abajo, o envía un email a

Lista de Precios (cursos intensivos)

Los precios incluyen todas las clases, los materiales y el examen. Aquí en PDF: lista_precios_verano2017

ISE I (B1)



Curso intensivo




Curso intensivo (descuento familiar)




Curso intensivo (sin examen)




Curso intensivo (sin examen, descuento familiar)




Curso semi-intensivo, R&W



Curso semi-intensivo, R&W (descuento familiar)



Curso semi-intensivo, S&L



Curso semi-intensivo, S&L (descuento familiar)



Además de estos cursos intensivos y semi-intensivos, ofreceremos clases de repaso de materiales escolares, clases de conversación general, preparación para exámenes de la EOI y Cambridge, y más.

Todas estas clases seguirán el modelo de Academia Manhattan, es decir, grupos reducidos (máximo de seis o siete alumnos) y enfocadas a la conversación.  Si te interesa cualquier otro tipo de clase, no dudes en llamarnos, escribirnos, o rellenar el formulario de esta pagina, o de la pagina marcada “CONTACTAR”.  ¡Os esperamos en Academia Manhattan!

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2 Weeks In – Catherine

So far I’ve been in Villanueva for a little more than 2 weeks and feel as though I have already done more things here in Villanueva than 4 months studying in Cordoba. To be fair, I was strapped ball and chain to the library at UCO for months on end as I struggled to understand the works of Vallejo-Inclan, Buero Vallejo, Onetti, among others when I could barely understand the Cordobesan accent. But now it’s summer (almost) and I’m free (kind of)!

I’ve been super lucky to be placed with such an amazing host family: Jose Antonio and Mariana and inadvertently Engracia, Pepe, and Antonio Jose. Their ongoing goals are to make me feel part of the family and to never ever let me go hungry, and I can say for sure that they have already accomplished them. Since being here, I have accompanied my host family to bars and restaurants around Villanueva, as well as trips to Pozoblanco and Islantilla. And each night, I have gone to bed crushed by the weight of my own belly.

So far my experiences in Villanueva have included working at the academia, going to the Feria Chica, going to the Romeria, leaving Villanueva to shop in Pozoblanco with Mariana and Engracia, leaving Villanueva to dance zumba in Pozoblanco with Mariana, visiting the animal rescue shelter with Libby and her host sister, Luna, taking Spanish classes with Mariana and Huan Kon, seeing Antonio Jose perform in the town band before the Feria and during the Romeria, visiting Islantilla with Jose Antonio and Mariana and various family outings for lunch and drinks with the whole gang. I have really enjoyed my time here so far.

I’ve loved getting to know the students at the Academia. It’s an amazing experience getting to work with so many different age groups. I enjoyed getting to know about some of the students through the topics they had prepared for their speaking exam. I also love just simply talking to students and learning about their day. The students at the academia have a really great sense of humor, and watching them progress in their English always inspires me to progress in my Spanish.

I look forward to seeing what more Villanueva has to offer in the weeks to come as we at the academia prepare for the intensive courses. It’s sure to be an unforgettable summer.

Until next time!

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