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Welcome to Villanueva! – Ashley

Hello everyone! This is currently my second week in Villanueva de Cordoba and so far, I have enjoyed every second of it. Before jumping on a plane and coming to Spain, I was still trying to map out in my head how I would arrive to my destination in under 24 hours without knowing a single person in the country. I had to get to Boston’s (Logan) International Airport, land in Madrid (Barajas) airport seven hours later, take a bus with six stops to the train station, wait at the train station for over three hours, get onto a train for two hours which would make a stop in Villanueva de Córdoba, where I would finally meet my host family. Thankfully, the thought of it ended up being more overwhelming then the traveling experience. I arrived to be embraced with a warm hug from my host mom Rafi and host sister Tere and all my nerves simply went away.

Upon my arrival on Monday 4th, I was brought to the Academia Manhattan, which is a fifteen-minute walk from Rafi’s house where I met Lucy, Elizabeth, and Christine. On Tuesday 5th, I had my first session with children who ranged from ages of 3 and 4 years old. The children practiced introducing themselves and were then asked questions that pertained to food. My second session was with a group of high schoolers who were preparing for their entrance exams for College.

During my walk to the Academia I have been exploring new paths and photographing buildings and objects I find interesting. I have taken multiple photos that I think are unique to Villanueva. For example, there is a house that has sea shells for pots and being that it is the first time I’m seeing such object I find that to be very creative.


I have gotten accustomed to taking the siestas, because back home I do not tend to nap during the day. I have also only now experienced watching the news or other television shows during lunch and dinner time which is also a custom I am not familiar with. When eating back home or in college we tend to talk about our day, future plans, or random table conversations, but watching television is usually only done when alone or maybe during special events i.e. American football games. Thus far, I have enjoyed my stay with my sweet family, and I am looking forward to meeting more people from Villanueva, and the students from the Academia.

-Ashley Aviles


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